Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows have security in mind – which makes them extremely impervious to physical attack, a fantastic way to prevent any prospective burglar

Our double glazed windows can achieving of high security requirements and British Standards 7412 PAS 24 requirements. Our double glazed windows use a 9 point stainless steel locking system, thus double glazed windows occupy the ultimate level of security and safety.

uPVC Casement Windows

A timeless and popular choice, our uPVC sash windows provide sleek frames and are available with side-opening, outward or top-hung vents. These double glazed windows can be set up as bow and bay windows, and come with a chamfered sash as requirement. Sashes are an exceptionally versatile window for any house.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

These double glazed windows have an exceptionally smart design that blends ease of cleansing with optimum ventilation. Their vertical opening allows for maximum airflow, without opening wide enough to threaten a young child or animal. The horizontal opening opens inwards for ease of cleansing, an ideal safety function for high rise buildings.

Sliding Sash Windows

If you want the lovely visual of heritage windows, without the thermal inadequacy and security risks, these windows are best for you. Our moving sash windows faithfully reproduce the appearance of more conventional timber windows but still carry with them all the advantages of modern-day window design. Keep your heritage property looking authentic, without the disadvantages.

Aluminium Windows

They make an ideal visual choice for any home, as these double glazed windows have thin frames and are readily available in over 150 lively colours.

Due to the rugged nature of aluminium, the frames are much narrower, enabling these windows to be made up of more glass. These windows lend themselves incredibly well to the minimalist commercial aesthetic, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst house owners.

A durable and scratch resistant powder coating ensures that your aluminium windows will continue to look their best for decades to come. With our lovely series of extremely customisable windows, you get a lovely bespoke product at affordable prices.

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Double Glazed Window
Sash Window

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