Creating Mural Blind on your Window

Windows are one of the most basic features of an establishment. It is lifeless without any decoration on it. Decorating your windows is a great idea of home improvements. From a simple to more complex techniques of window decoration can be incorporated.

Blinds was created not only to act as a window covering attached to the interior part of your window or give you privacy or reduce sunlight but also serves as one of window accessories that makes it attractive. Blinds vary in types, designs, colours and shapes where in you can choose what satisfies your needs.

But one of the trends in connection with blinds is making a mural on window blinds. Large windows can be beautifully decorated with murals according to what you like it to appear to enhance attractiveness. Mural is a painting on ceiling, wall or other large permanent surface such as windows.

This mural blinds are ideal for artists or people who likes to make their own effort on window decoration. There are several helpful tips about starting your own murals.

  • Research what you are going to paint. Find several sources such as mural magazines, books or see other works of art. Probably you can start with what scenery you like that will inspire you every time you see it.
  • Start by drawing sketches and rough drafts and choosing which part of the window you would like to work out. This is essential because as you paint, new ideas can be incorporated and doing sketches will help a lot.
  • Be sure that the painting you are working on fits the surface area so that it could not be looked at as an empty canvass afar.
  • Purchase brushes that work better as you started painting. It is not advisable to use cheap brushes because they wear out easily.
  • Make sure that the surface where you are going to paint is ready. Prepare it the right way by getting information on books or surfing the Internet.
  • Begin your painting with the background followed by background images. Paint the closest image that would make a better background outlook and a three dimensional outcome.

You can also stencil your mural for easier and faster procedures. Whether you are using stencils or direct painting on your windows for your blinds, one thing is common and let your creativity soar in the works of art you wanted to depict.

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Mural Blind
Example of a Mural Blind

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