Bay & Bow Windows

Bay & Bow Windows
Both of these layouts are what are recognised in the sector as forecast windows– simply put they extend from the home.

The major difference in between the 2 styles is that bow windows have a rounded appearance, whilst bay windows take advantage of tilted sides.

bow window

bay windows

Due to the fact that both of these designs protrude from the primary building, you may need to take into consideration the extra costs of “roofing & floor covering” the windows

Of the 2 designs, bay windows are going to require a correct “roof covering & floor”. A bay window does not normally forecast out as high as a bay, and as a result require less work in this location.

Bays & Bows can be developed from either casement of sash home window components. Both of these sorts of home window cost dramatically more than a normal design.

There are some great variants on the theme such as Canted & Oriel bays.

canted and also oriel bay windows.
What are UPVC Bow & Bay Windows Costs?
It’s really difficult to provide a rate overview for a bow or bay window as they are generally custom things constructed specifically to purchase for a certain client. Given that each job is going to be various, it implies that you can not really provide an “typical expense”.

The real expense of suitable a bay or bow window, will depend substantially upon the product utilized and also the number of panels in the design. As a harsh overview, here are some possible expenses.

Bay Window Prices

  • 3 Panel UPVC Bay Window ₤ 1,100– ₤ 1,200.
  • 4 Panel UPVC Bay Window ₤ 1,500– ₤ 1,700.
  • 5 Panel UPVC Bay Window ₤ 2,000– ₤ 2,500.
    Bow Window Prices.
  • 3 Panel UPVC Bow Window ₤ 1,100– ₤ 1,300.
  • 4 Panel UPVC Bow Window ₤ 1,500– ₤ 1,800.
  • 5 Panel UPVC Bow Window ₤ 1,800– ₤ 3,000.

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