‘Ambassadors’ bring £70m worth of conferences to Liverpool

Club Liverpool, a network of influential figures from academia, medicine and business, was formed in 2015 and is celebrating five years of success. Tony McDonough reports

A team of Liverpool ‘ambassadors’ have helped bring £70m worth of conferences to the city in the past five years.Club Liverpool, a network of influential figures from fields such as academia, medicine and business, was formed in 2015 with the aim of attracting more world class conventions to Liverpool.

It is a partnership between Liverpool Convention Bureau and ACC Liverpool – and now boasts 230 members. It has brought £70m worth of conferences here during the five year period, generating another £9.5m in economic benefit in 2019.For 2020 the ambassadors have already secured nine conferences for the city across a diverse range of subjects including orthoptics, human ethology, biomechanics in sports, linear accelerators and paediatric dentistry.

An event to celebrate the first five years of the club was held at Liverpool Town Hall . The ambassadors were welcomed by Colin Sinclair, chair of the Club Liverpool board and chief executive of Knowledge Quarter Liverpool and Sciontec Liverpool, and awarded certificates from Lord Mayor Anna Rothery. 

Club Liverpool also launched a new website and brand at the event which will herald the next five years and aims to attract even more ambassadors to the programme. The new brand features some of the ambassadors who have brought events to the city as advocates of the programme.

Mr Sinclair said: “Club Liverpool should not be taken for granted. Our ambassadors come from different fields but one thing they all have in common is that they are passionate about this city, and take time out of their busy schedules to attract international conferences here.

“These events carry a significant immediate boost, but also help Liverpool’s brand in the long-term. Thisis an outstanding ambassador programme, which delivers a massive return on investment, and I’m excited to see where the next five years take us.”

Adrian Evans, assistant director – conference and exhibition sales at The ACC Liverpool Group added: “Club Liverpool has grown in strength and numbers since we established it five years ago and our fifth birthday marked a real milestone as we were able to reflect on the many international conferences our ambassadors have brought to the city, and to ACC Liverpool.”

Special Thanks to IBN Daily for their Article- https://lbndaily.co.uk/ambassadors-bring-70m-worth-conferences-liverpool/

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